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What is is an IPv4 address from private range. IANA assigned it there because of lack of IPv4 addresses. All addresses from private IP range can be used unlimited times on different subnets. It is also default IP address for large number of internet routers from different manufacturers.

Is default address of my router?

That depends. Some routers use, but manufacturer could assign any address from IPv4 private range as a default router IP address. You can check is default address for your router by opening command prompt in windows then type  ”ipconfig” and look for address under “Default Gateway option”. is a default address for my router but I can’t open it?

There can be many reasons for that. You should check cables, connections, power and many other things to make sure your router, network or pc is working properly. Check this article and points to see does your router work properly. does not fits my needs? Can I change it?

Sure you. Every router default address can be changed. Some routers will require of you use of telnet but most of them will not. You will have such option in router web control panel (that thing  when you type your router IP in your internet browser). For details how to change specific router default address please refer to user manual you got with your router. is asking for password?

Some manufacturers will setup default password for your router. If you did not setup any password then refer to user manual to see which password is default one for your model.

I bought another router with the same IP and now one is not working properly? What should I do?

Two devices with the same IP address in one network can’t function properly. IP is unique identifier of network computer or device. So you should change default IP address on one of your routers and everything will start working.

What are other common default router IP addresses?

Other common router IP addresses are,,,, and

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