Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is is private ip address. IANA designated it as private because of lack of IPv4 addresses. Those private IP addresses are usually used on private subnetworks behind and computers in it connect out with the help of routers which are routing traffic between outside and inside network. 192.168.100 is default IP address for minor number of router devices.

Is default address of my router?

It might be.  Certain devices use, but manufacturer is the one responsible to assigning default IP for their router products, yet you can change the given default address wheneever you want. To check is default address for your router, open Windows XP command prompt and type ”ipconfig” , then check the value in “Default Gateway option” section.

I can’t open it

Number of causes can exists for this. Please refer to frontpage of this site and check causes for not opening, same rules apply on both default IP addresses.

Can I change 192.168.100 on my router?

Yes. Every router default address can be changed. Some routers will require of you use of telnet but most of them will not. You will have such option in router web control panel (that thing when you type your router IP in your internet browser). For details how to change specific router default address please refer to user manual you got with your router.

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