Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hello. This is my first post and I am going to cover router IP on this blog with possible issues and troubleshooting.

For the start we need to know what is 

192 168 1 254 is an IP address. To see what is an IP address consult this wikipedia article. Anyway that IP address is an address from the private range of IP addresses. This private range is created by IANA (body which controls assignment of IPs) in order to be used on private networks. This means only local network devices can have IP from given range.

Some devices are "bosses" in the network (such as routers). Those devices control which IP address will be given to each device in local network. Those devices also control and route traffic between local network and the internet. Because of importance such devices have default IP address which is always theirs e.g. you control and access to that device through that given address.

So in short, is a default IP address given to some router models. There are virtually hundred of brands and router models which use this IP and it is almost impossible to count them all.

If your router has this as default IP you can open the web control panel of your router by typing 

into the address bar of your browser.

It will ask for username and password which you can find in your user manual which you got with the router. Off course your computer must be connected to your router through local area network. Once you are logged into router web control panel, you will have ability to setup wireless encryption and connectivity password, set up firewall, edit network settings and do similar config stuff.

Sometimes you will get error opening it and that's why you ended up here searching for solution...

If you can not open then problem must be in some of the following:
  • Your computer is not connected to the LAN
  • Your router default IP is not
  • Your router is broken not working

If your IP address it not working try the following to resolve the connectivity:
  1. Restart your computer
  2. Restart your router
  3. Check the cables if it is wired router
  4. Try connecting router to another computer
  5. Reset your router to factory settings (there is usually reset button or reset hole at the back of your router) unknown password

If your router ask for username and password and you forgot it, then Reset your router to factory settings.

If you never changed or inserted password then try logging in with default username and password for your router. Usually default username and passwords are:

username: admin
password: admin

username: administrator
password: administrator

username: admin
password: blank (nothing typed)

username: root
password: admin

or any combination of above usernames and passwords. If none of those working try consulting user manual for your router to see the default username and password or you can simply google model of your router with the words "default username and password".

Which routers have as a default IP?

Every router brand at least has one model which uses this IP as a default address. Some of the most known brands are: 2Wire, AirLive, TP Link, Billion, D-Link, Motorola, NetGear, Netopia, Zyxel, Siemens... But the largest number of routers with the as an IP has the Thomson, with 33 models having this IP as a default IP.