Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thomson Routers with the IP

Thomson is a producer of network equipment based in France. They became known when they produced Speedtouch adsl modems together with Alcatel. Most of the internet providers in Europe were giving this routers together with their internet packages. Some providers give this even now.

Mostly Thomson Speedtouch devices have for their default IP, passwords and username though differ slightly. Some providers were giving their own admin username names and password as for example MTEL internet provider in Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Montenegro use as default username: admin and default password admints.

Table bellow is for Thomson routers which for default IP have IP address.

Manufacturer Model Default IP Default Username Default Password
Thomson SpeedTouch 546v6 Administrator
Thomson SpeedTouch 510 v6 Administrator
Thomson SpeedTouch 530 v6 / admin admin
Thomson SpeedTouch 536 administrator blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 576 blank blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 585 administration blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 608WL administrator blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 620 blank blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 706WL blank blank
Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL blank blank
Thomson TG580 DSL
Thomson TG581n
Thomson TG582n blank blank
Thomson TG585 blank blank
Thomson TG585N blank blank
Thomson TG585v7
Thomson TG587N
Thomson TG589vn blank blank
Thomson TG782 blank blank
Thomson TG782T admin
Thomson TG784
Thomson TG787
Thomson TG789N blank blank
Thomson TG797N admin admin
Thomson TG870 admin

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