Thursday, July 10, 2014

LevelOne Routers with the IP and their default passwords

LevelOne is a German company established back in 1998 in Dotrmund. They produce network equipment mainly routers, modems, lan cards, network storage devices, ip surveillance equipment and computers peripherals.

From the wide array of their routers, they built 9 models which have for a default IP. In the table bellow you can find each model. You can also see the default username and default password for each model.

You can find drivers, firmware and manuals for you LevelOne devices on the following address:

Manufacturer Model Default IP Default Username Default Password
LevelOne FBR-1161 admin admin
LevelOne FBR-1161A admin admin
LevelOne FBR-1461A admin admin
LevelOne WBR-3470 admin admin
LevelOne WBR-3470A admin admin
LevelOne WBR-3600 admin admin
LevelOne WBR-3800 admin admin
LevelOne WBR-6601 admin admin